Meet The Team

We're not your average web design & marketing team. Each person in our group brings a unique aspect to the company and together we create a work environment that is a combination of professional, dedicated, and fun. Here is a quick look at the people that make Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing an award-winning Calgary based web design & marketing company.


James Keichinger, Principal

James is the owner and founder of Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing Inc. With over 15 years in the industry, James is the 'brains of the operation' and is involved in all aspects of the business. He is an advanced software programmer along with strong design and marketing skills which has allowed him to build both a solid clientelle and employee base.


Dan Chilton, Business Development

Dan is Blue Ocean's resident "hugs and handshakes" guy. He's typically your first point of contact when becoming a Blue Ocean client, and his outgoing personality and charisma make him a natural communicator. Dan brings with him 15 years of account management background in web marketing and development, major game publishers, Hollywood studios, directory & print advertising, and telecommunications industries.


Sean Jenkins, Creative Director

Working in the industry since 2001, Sean is very experienced in all facets of multi-media. He has been an integral part of Blue Ocean's growth and has helped build the strong foundation of professional design work that Blue Ocean has become known for over the past several years.


Piet Nutbey, Senior Technical Support Analyst

Piet (sounds like Pete) has been playing around on Macs since the early 1990's and built his first commercial website for a Dutch ski and wintersport store around the year 2000. He is extremely versatile in handling both programming and design work with ease and efficiency. Piet continues to build upon his skill set making him a valuable asset to Blue Ocean in more ways than one.


Dustin Peter, Senior Designer

Dustin brings a fresh approach to the web/graphic design game. Since 2005, he has been utilizing his creative talents in many different areas of graphic, web, and audio production. At Blue Ocean, Dustin is a key component of the design team and continues to deliver professional project work exceeding client expectations on a regular basis.


Christine Ramos, Senior Copy Writer

Christine is Blue Ocean’s in-house copy writer. She earned a post-graduate degree in Journalism and completed her B.A. in Philosophy and English Literature at U of T. With a penchant for all things pretty, Ramos formerly owned her own media company, dabbled in Interior Design, Oil and Gas, Theatre, the food industry and the fitness industry. She’s a word shuffler by trade and our go-to girl for finding the right words.  


Nitesh Pradhan, Web Programmer

Nitesh is our web programming wizard who takes web designs and client requests and converts them into code so they are functioning online applications. His extensive knowledge of programming languages (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Java, etc.) enables him to develop innovative and technical solutions for the web. He is a valued member of the team and an award winning Cricket player.  


Kim Blanquera, Web Developer

Kim has been tinkering with HTML and CSS since 2005. With a degree in Computer Science and a love for the web, she turns designs into effective, professional websites for the Blue Ocean team. She's passionate about design, staying up to date with the ever changing web and is a coder at heart.


Jennifer Nguyen, Web Developer

Jennifer is another talented web developer here at Blue Ocean. She has been passionate about computers since she was young, due to the influence of family members. She switched over to Computer Science after she found Nursing at the U of C to be boring. You can find her tinkering with computers in her spare time and also developing Android apps for fun.  


Lynn Wallace, Accounting

Lynn is Blue Ocean's accountant and office administrator. When you call Blue Ocean, she'll be the one to greet you. Lynn takes care of the Blue Ocean team in many ways. She keeps the office running; making sure the coffee is flowing and the fridge is full.